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Aligning elements



Many (sales) organizations have challenges in formulating and, above all, executing a (growth) strategy within the commercial domain. Pure strategy has a unique methodology and the knowledge to help you formulate this strategy. 

The pragmatic approach enforces the drive within your team to realize your commercial objectives.

Many of the challenges can be resolved because they often have to do with “aligning” of the three most important parts of the commercial organization, being:


Is our strategy fully and clearly formulated, feasible and SMART, what is the impact of our ambition?

Sales & services

Do we have the necessary skills, recourses and materials to realize the objectives and ambitions of management?

The marketing department

Do we understand the necessity of the organization and can we facilitate with tools and materials to support the organization as much as possible?

Pure strategy uses the principle of teaching how to do it, do it together, do it yourself. 

To DO is the magic word here: With Discipline, Optimized and Effectiveness with full focus on the Need and urgency.

The unique way of working has helped us get to the core of what we want to achieve! The basics in sales, marketing and message will give us the tools to grow our business faster and more efficiently.

– Peter Oostrom, CEO Common Senses

Change management

Using the several techniques we developed over the years and by asking all the questions that nobody dares to ask, we create a positive flow within the internal organization. Together we determine the direction during the first phase of our change methodology. 

Through analysis we will be getting to the core of all challenges or problems and make them transparent. This can be experienced as confrontational. 

Change does not come easily. 

Pure strategy helps you to change and improve your commercial organization in a controlled manner.

The bottom line

Through years of experience we have been able to identify many of the basic problems from our own experience.

These complex issues, which are identifiable and easily identifiable by many organizations, can be solved.

For different C-level managers, management layers, employees or suppliers, solving these issues can mean the difference between winning or losing.

For both large (multinationals) and small (start-up) companies, a shared strategy and optimal cooperation must be the guiding principle for achieving (growth) objectives.

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