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Pure strategy can be of value to you for various activities, initiatives in different forms and roles. Depending on your needs, we can use our proven methodology to design a complete change process.

We can also fulfill various interim roles (on a project basis);


Management advisor, Strategic advisor, Go-to-market advisor.


Interim (CCO) Sales Director, Strategy realization officer (SRO), Crisis management


Many “new” change methods have been introduced in recent decades. Think of Kanban, Prince II, Scrum, AGILE and Lean – Six Sigma. 

These methodologies have been thoroughly developed and are often also “put on the map” in terms of marketing techniques.

Although the known change methodologies differ from one another in terms of content, they usually have one thing in common, something that is often not clear enough. 

The success of the methodology is mainly in the implementation of the ideas within the entire organization. This “embedding” of a change is often not easy in practice.

What You Get

What does not really exist is a generic and all-encompassing method that touches on the commercial machine. 

The entire process from idea to execution and desired result is something that usually doesn’t take the basic problems into consideration eventhough there is an extremely large profit to be made here.

For this reason, Pure has developed its own methodology in which a broad mix of skills and experience to help your organization realize the most important part: 


Our methodologie visualized


If the PURE Method© is used, then a phased scope will be applied. 

Phase one will provide the in-depth analysis we need to get full insight in the steps to take on our change journey.

  • Pure strategy assessment
  • Management assessment
  • Sales assessment
  • Services assessment
  • Marcom assessment
  • Other team leaders


If the PURE Method© is used, then a phased scope will be applied. 

Depending on the outcome of phase one, we will present our findings and create a change and optimization plan with you.

  • "Need" analysis
  • Process collected information and make it presentable
  • Building advisory reports for phase 3


If the PURE Method© is used, then a phased scope will be applied. 

If there is consensus, we will start the change journey. PDCA and cultural change is part of our methodology.

  • Pure ambition and growth program®
  • Tilt from consensus to consequence model (culture and behavior)
  • Put the basic sales organization in order Effectiveness and skills coaching
  • Continuous improvement

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