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The unique way of working has helped us get to the core of what we want to achieve! The basics in sales, marketing and message will give us the tools to grow our business faster and more efficiently.

– Peter Oostrom, CEO Common Senses


Pure Strategy empowers all organizations that sell products, services or knowledge to achieve their goals.

Strategy and the execution of strategy is not a simple challenge.

It all starts with a coherent plan, a clear vision, realistic but ambitious goals and understanding the impact of the changes you must make within your current organization.

Are we ready for this? What do we need to organize, manage, change, facilitate or create in order to achieve any of the goals? What is the fit / gap between now and then? Do we have the capabilities and skills within our current team?

Talk is cheap, we execute the plan!



From manager to executive, from new hire to decision maker, from CEO down to the receptionist, everyone has his or her own strengths and expertise, weaknesses and learning points.


PURE STRATEGY has an approach that can work for everyone. By working together in full honesty, we move the organization towards an optimal formulated result or a new ideal new way of working.



Achieving the desired result is, in our opinion, the most important thing. Goals must be clearly formulated and must also be achieved!


By not forgetting we are dealing with people with each their own personality, dreams and ambitions, we should not forget the empathetic part of leadership, we can help you change and improve your organization.

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Extraordinary Experiences

Our biggest strength is to get things moving both internally and externally due to experience, our network, motivation and enthusiasm.

We have a lot of experience in setting up and implementing a strategy including the creation of necessary preconditions, parameters and creation of all (marketing) tools that are necessary to be able to realize success.

Our Core Values

We believe in an honest approach, clear and direct communication and focussed on what YOU would like to achieve!

Pure strategy uses the principle of teaching how to do, doing it together then doing it yourself. 

To DO is the magic word here: With Discipline, Optimized and Effectiveness with full focus on the Need and urgency.

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